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Our Design, Project Management and Lighting Services.

Creative Design Services

Our design considerations are based on what you do, scope of your project, your target audience, your competition, the image you want to portray and your budget.
We aim to not only please you, our goal is to get you noticed. 

Project Management

We manage your project. Starting with accessing your objectives for the project. Reviewing your Signage Criteria in your your lease agreement with your landlord, if needed. Quoting a price for the project based on your budget. Designing a proof for your approval. Getting necessary permits from local municipality. Scheduling an installation date and time and seeing through completion of your project. We do a turn key project for your larger signage and lighting projects.

Repair & Restoration Services

We offer repair service for all signs regardless of who installed it. Our team of experts troubleshoot and provide an appropriate solution for your existing sign.
We upgrade dim signs, retrofit old costly Neon and CFL lighting with Energy efficient and brighter LED lighting.  

We can install, retrofit or replace Interior & Exterior Lighting

Inefficient and costly to operate, old lighting can be retrofit with new energy efficient LED lighting. It will make your signage brighter and your energy bills lighter.

Commercial Parking lot Lighting Maintenance contrasts

We would be glad to enter a periodic maintenance agreement to check and replace your parking lot lighting as necessary.